Case Study

A Path Toward Profitability

We need to add a scope or overview to this post. The others have one and we need some uniformity here.


  • Assumed operational control of the business, bringing in a temporary leadership team
  • Full and comprehensive evaluation of the entire business
  • Restructured management and infrastructure
  • Developed a full strategic plan to turnaround operations and achieve growth and profitability


  • With a new foundation in place, the Company is well positioned to execute our growth plan
  • Strategic initiatives put in place to refocus on innovation, brand-building and profitable distribution channels
  • Business and operations are right-sized to support growth
  • Transition to a new management team is underway

Ongoing Value Creation

  • Dallimore & Co. is in the process of recruiting additional members to the management team
  • Dallimore & Co. remains involved with the Company, providing periodic “refreshes” and strategic insights